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The Good Doctor (Season 2) Episode 16: Believe Shadowhunters (Season 3) Episode 11: Lost Souls The Passage (Season 1) Episode 7: You are Like the Sun The Resident (Season 2) Episode 16: Adverse Events Murdoch Mysteries (Season 12) Episode 17: Darkness Before the Dawn The Enemy Within (Season 1) Episode 1: Premiere Moominvalley (Season 1) Episode 1: British-Finnish animated series Passe-Partout (Season 1) Episode 1: Television program Man with a Plan (Season 3) Episode 4: Adam's Wall Hole Bowl We Bare Bears (Season 4) Episode 30: The Gym The Neighborhood (Season 1) Episode 16: Welcome to the Big Payback Zone Blanche (Season 2) Episode 6: Sanctuaire Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club (Season 1) Episode 8: Do the LiLo Love & Hip Hop Miami (Season 2) Episode 9: Petty Hurts Vanderpump Rules (Season 7) Episode 12: PJs on the PJ


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