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The Gifted (Season 2) Episode 16: oMens Lethal Weapon (Season 3) Episode 15: The Spy Who Loved Me The Rookie (Season 1) Episode 14: Plain Clothes Day Vice Live (Season 1) Episode 2: Episode 2 Schitt's Creek (Season 5) Episode 8: The Hospies Miracle Workers (Season 1) Episode 3: 12 Days The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 9) Episode 3: Sun and Shade in the Bahamas Shetland (Season 5) Episode 3: Episode 3 Good Trouble (Season 1) Episode 8: Byte Club Teachers (Season 3) Episode 17: The Final Robe The Kids Are Alright (Season 1) Episode 15: Nine Birthdays Martin Clunes: Islands Of America (Season 1) Episode 4: Episode 4 NCIS (Season 16) Episode 15: Crossing the Line FBI (Season 1) Episode 15: Scorched Earth The Curse of Oak Island (Season 6) Episode 15: Dye Harder Temptation Island (Season 1) Episode 7: Mixed Messages World of Dance (Season 3) Episode 1: The Qualifiers


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